China’s textile and garment trade was unusual in the first half of this year due to the global spread of COVID-19.Entering May and June, some data have picked up. The overall situation in the second half of the year is complex and changeable, and we still need to pay more attention to it.

According to customs statistics

In May 2020, China’s textile and garment trade volume reached US $31.25 billion, with an increase of 20.3%, among which exports reached US $29.88 billion, with an increase of 25.4%, imports reached US $1.37 billion, with a decrease of 36.5%, and the monthly trade surplus reached US $28.51 billion, with an increase of 31.5%.From January to May 2020, the trade volume of textile and apparel reached us $107.12 billion, down 2.4% year-on-year.Exports totaled us $97.91 billion, down 1.7%;Imports reached 9.21 billion US dollars, down 8.7%, leaving a cumulative trade surplus of 88.7 billion US dollars, down 0.9%.

In addition, according to the latest data, China’s garment exports in June totaled us $12.87 billion, down 10.3% year on year and up 40.5% month on month.From February to June, China’s garment exports in a single month decreased by 63.6%, 22%, 27.9%, 24.9% and 10.3%, respectively compared with the same period last year. The decline has narrowed since May.

Post time: Sep-02-2020